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Advantages of galvanized sheets

- The life span of galvanized sheets in corrosive environments is about 20 to 50 years

- The clear appearance of a galvanized sheet in comparison to steel sheets is one of the advantages of this type of sheet.

- The cost of galvanization, maintenance and repair of galvanized sheets is lower.

- The cover that has been created is highly resistant to mechanical damage, wear and corrosion.

- With this method, all sheet surfaces, including dowels, corners and edges of the sheet, are coated and corrosion prevented.

- Preparing galvanized sheets requires less time.

- One of the advantages of galvanized sheet is the possibility of shaping and forming, as well as welding ability.

- Chrome-plated galvanized products have a colorful property that can withstand high corrosion resistance.

- The hot galvanized coating is harder and has 5 times more wear resistance than other methods (such as color coating).